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We create a marketing strategy for startups Guiding freelancers and entrepreneurs through the complexities of starting and registering a business.
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What You Need To Know About Our Company

Explore Marketing Strategies and Startup Guidance
Business Consultation Group specializes in enhancing marketing and establishing new businesses.

We provide essential insights for those looking to launch their startups.

Our expertise is tailored to guide you through the initial stages of business development.

What Services We Offer For You

Guiding freelancer’s and entrepreneurs through the complexities of starting and registering a business, especially in foreign jurisdictions.


Freelancer’s Ultimate Toolkit
Our extensive network covers over 65 nations

Launching Startups

Startup Business Friendly Countries In 2024 We help you with Company Formation

Your Business Plan

Why Many Startups Fail.
The Ultimate Guide To Navigating Success

Sales and Success

We’ll highlight the significance of daily tracking, supported by relevant statistics and case studies.

Holding Company?

Advantages of Operating a Holding Company. Help to Choose a Jurisdiction

Bank Account

How to Open a Virtual Bank Account Without a Personal Visit

The Business Consulting Process

Our Business Consulting Process begins with an initial assessment to understand the client’s needs and challenges.

Our goal is to help clients develop and implement effective strategies for long-term success.

Ultimately, our Business Consulting Process empowers businesses to overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.

Finance & Risk Transformation

Explore how businesses can navigate financial challenges and mitigate risks through strategic transformation initiatives.

We begin by examining the fundamental principles of finance and risk management. This step helps establish a baseline understanding of the interconnected nature of financial operations and risk exposure.

Finance & Risk Transformation is essential for organizations looking to adapt to evolving market dynamics, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate financial risks.

Understanding Finance & Risk

Assessment of Current State

Strategic Planning

Process Optimization

Our Partners

Global Network and Local Expertise
With a network spanning multiple countries, we offer localized expertise globally.
Jurisdictional Guidance: We help you identify and establish your business in the most advantageous jurisdiction, considering legal, financial, and market factors
Our goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the worldwide business environment confidently.

BCG Knowledge

We focused on addressing challenges encountered by entrepreneurs initiating business ventures or individuals embarking on freelance careers.

We are committed to providing exceptional service

We look forward to assisting you further and building a meaningful connection with you.