Open a Virtual Bank Account

Open a Virtual Bank Account Without a Personal Visit

Choosing an Online Bank
Start by evaluating the bank’s reputation, customer feedback, services, interest rates, and user-friendliness.

Preparing Necessary Documents
These documents are generally requested:
Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association,
Shareholders (if more than 20%), Personal ID+ Proof of address

Account Registration Process
Visit the bank’s website, follow the sign-up instructions, fill in your details, agree to the terms, and complete identity verification.

What is a Virtual Bank Account?

A virtual bank account operates entirely online, allowing you to handle your finances from anywhere.
It brings the services of traditional banks to your digital devices, providing complete financial management at your convenience.

The Growth of Online Banking
The widespread availability of the Internet and increased digital skills have transformed banking into a user-friendly online service. This change is driven by the need for convenience and personalized banking experiences, a trend accelerated by the pandemic.

Advantages of Virtual Bank Accounts
These accounts offer 24/7 access, quick transactions, easy monitoring, and often lower fees.
They provide immediate insights into your financial status and activities.

For Quick and Easy Access, BCG Recommend

They have fantastic support. Local IBANs and currency accounts, VISA cards, or MasterCard are always included!

Aspire Business Account

If your business is incorporated in Singapore, Hong Kong, or 20 other countries, you can open the all-in-one Aspire account with a click of a button!


Open an international business- and personal account in minutes.
Exchange rate in 80 countries. 6x cheaper than old-school banks

Fire Business Account

UK GBP account + IE EUR account
Business Account helps businesses of all sizes. Access payment services and automate payment processes.


Companies registered in the EU and UK
can open a global and local business account. Business debit cards for you and your team.


Pay vendors and suppliers in over 100 countries in just minutes.
Create a Veem account in just a few steps.


Pay vendors and suppliers in over 100 countries in just minutes. Create a Veem account in just a few steps.

FAQs About Virtual Banks

Is opening a virtual bank account safe?

Yes, it’s very secure with a reputable bank and proper security measures.

Steps to Open a Virtual Bank Account?

Research banks, gather documents, and complete the online registration.

Managing Your Virtual Account Safely?

Maintain vital login details, monitor transactions, securely store information, and responsibly use banking apps.

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